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Why Read Sam’s Books?

"Armed with a powerful story, stunning language, and a belief that right must triumph, Sam

Morton weaves a tale of laughter, passion, and fury in Betrayed. Don't miss a word. Sam is

an author on the move."

Pat Conroy, bestselling author of The Prince of Tides, Beach Music, and The Great


Sam Morton is a writer with a keen eye for human detail, an ear for character, and a nose

for suspense. He sketches ordinary lives with deft strokes that make them wholly believable.

A writer to watch.

                  A.J. Hartley, bestselling author of What Time Devours

"Every time I hear one of my

friends from the north say

they moved down here

because they were tired of the

harsh winters, I want to ask,

'Have you ever been in South

Carolina in August??' It's like

Hell sends its left over heat


Sam Morton  

Writing That Moves

A Southern writer with an eye for the dramatic, Sam has published novels in North America and Eastern Europe. He has also written for US Airways magazine, the Dead Mule School Journal of Southern Literature, and two peer-reviewed blogs: Like the Dew and Writers Who Kill.